1. These pictures were taken 6 weeks apart.

    I have only lost 0.8 pounds.

    But I have lost just over 4” in total off my waist, hips, chest, and arms.

    I have changed my body composition by losing fat and gaining muscle. Muscle is denser than fat. And I’m not done yet! Come on little muscles I love seeing you!!!

    Don’t worry about the scale. Use a take measure and pictures.

  2. I’ve never used the fourth hole before….
    Only one more left and its time for a smaller belt! #nonscalevictory
    #nsv #fitness #training #iwanttogoshopping #butineedmoneyfirst #iamdoingitforme

  3. No weight change this week-furthering my disdain for using the scale to measure progress. Why?
    Because I’m down a 1/2 inch off my waist and 1/2 off each thigh. Yay!
    Elbow still out of commission, the pity party was last week, if I can’t get to lifting by Tuesday back to the ortho…
    #veganfitness #training #dedication #progress #pleasedontbereinjured #iamdoingitforme #thinkhappythoughts

  4. Needed this today. Report from @bella.falconi @leahpetersfitness going to hit leg day, still reading the elbow. #iamdoingitforme #motivation #dedication #fitness #inspiration #meanttobe #goals #eyeontheprize


  5. Priorities

    I rushed my favorite part of the day, my morning workout for an evening engagement that was already going mess up my food prep.

    I rushed, wasn’t focused and didn’t properly warm up or something because now my arm hurts. The same feeling when I had that slight tear in the elbow. Being doing RICE and pumping water and anti inflams.

    Fingers crossed.

    I am so pissed at myself. I have specific goals and my favorite time of the day that will not take second place again. It ain’t I don’t care who thinks I’m a selfish bitch. It’s my life, my goals, I am so angry with myself.

  6. The face of someone who rushed leg day try to and fit hiit in. My gym buddies told me to go the hell home and start again after work. Thanks for the perspective dudes. What a crap workout. All well, going to redo my hiit this evening properly, time to blast some 80s music to get in a better mood, already late for work ahhhhh! #eyeontheprize #iamdoingitforme #getITright #tryagaindumbo

  7. Can’t help it. Want proof you shouldn’t trust a scale to measure progress?

    Check in yesterday was awesome. Down 1.5” off waist, 1.5” off hips and .5” off chest and arms. During training these last 5 weeks I have gone up and down in weight.

    Today I only weigh 0.8 lbs less than when I started but I am down 4” in size.
    Thank you weight lifting and HIIT I love you, these body composition changes are amazing.

  8. I can’t wait to check in tomorrow! That “pooch” line around my stomach is the smallest I’ve ever seen it. I have had this since freshman year of college (10 years!) I’m in awe at how much smaller what I can pinch is! Going to crush it today, fuel up, then get some great sleep! #trusttheprocess #itdoesnthappenovernight #veganfitness #training #flattummyinprogress #iamdoingitforme

  9. David is celebrating his birthday with my folks in Colorado and I’m just getting started on my day, gym, food (trying some new awesome vegan recipes), some errands, then watching the wbff finals tonight #thingsidowhenleftalone #nomakeupsaturday #vegansofinstagram

  10. Only clean pair of workout shorts don’t match my new kicks #gymproblems

  11. Check out my @wholefoodsdfw hatch peppers and organic tomato medley. These are about to get roasted and mixed with some seitan! #vegan #veganfood #veggies #delicious

  12. Been training for 4 weeks now. Macros instead of calories. Skin tight shirt is loose like a regular shirt :) and shorts are ready for a belt! #iamdoingitforme #training #vegan #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #veganfitness #macrosnotcalories #neednewclothes #weightlifting #happy


  13. remember why you’re doing this

  15. Best Sammy Pose. Ever. #rescuedog #coneofshame