4. Because my trainer is hilarious :)


  5. excited

    Start a new training program with a trainer on Monday. I started the macro guidelines yesterday. It feels amazing to know I am taking steps each day towards my goals. I have been lacking motivation and basically plateaued in this lazy place. Excited for this next chapter, start seeing results with my weekly progress pictures.

  7. Check out my old work photo versus now! When you are unhappy about where you are and lacking some motivation it’s good to remember how far you’ve come already.
    Onto the next step!

  8. Alright just under 10 months until the wedding! Gotta get this body in shape otherwise getting married on the beach won’t be as much fun!!!

    Measurements as of 06.24.14 

    Chest: 37
    Waist: 29
    Hips: 39.5
    Right thigh: 21
    Left thigh: 19.5 (wow the knee surgery was over a decade ago and it is still that much smaller than my right! eek)
    Right arm: 20
    Left arm: 19.5
    Neck: 13

    Alright here we go!

  9. Rain is a good thang! #vegan #lukebryan #veggies #whatveganseat #peppers #cherrytomatoes #producerich #garden

  10. Short on time? #wildwood baked #tofu is awesome, add quinoa, nutritional yeast, green onions and cherry tomatoes, #vegan #breakfast #veganforfit #whatveganseat

  11. Thanks #TexasHumor I am completely in love with this shirt!!! #AintTexas #bornandraisedtexan


  12. routine

    Back to being able to go in later at work. It is astonishing how going in at 8 instead of 7 completely changes my day. Get my work out in, dogs get to be out for an hour while I get ready, make breakfast, leisurely get ready fully awake and not rushed, drive to work on the tail end of traffic. Makes putting in 12 hour days so much better! The last two months have been hard, ate well but no real exercise, just tired all the time from working long days then working at home etc.

    All excited to be back in a better work/life balanced place! I had so much energy today!

  13. Pictures from my birthday. All I want to do it spend the rest of my life hanging out on a patio with this guy. So prefect :) #LoveMyMan #BirthdayFun

  14. Dinner the other night, because avocado is awesome #vegan #veganforlife #whatveganseat #avocado #springroll

  15. Roasted veggies and pasta! #vegan #whatveganseat #veganforlife #asparagus #cherrytomatoes #mushrooms #evoo #pasta #dinner