1. Well the elliptical has been through 3 invasive surgeries over the last couple years….it has finally flat lined for good :( #tear #ripworkoutbuddy #curbalert #neednewtoys

  2. Was feeling weak about my dinner choice, on the verge of going over my macros and then my trainer gets all on my feed reminding me that my end goal is bigger and better than some stupid craving.

  3. Oh so worth the wait! Thanks @bloodtightapparel I am in love with my new #vegan tank top!

  4. Thug Kitchen Cookbook Trailer (explicit)

    BEST TRAILER EVER! Can’t wait for the cookbook!

    (Source: youtube.com)

  5. This is my “back at two-days” face #hiit #training #getIT #justdoit #veganfitness #iamdoingitforme

  6. Gettin it #iamdoingitforme #training #veganfitness


  8. I will always be vegan for many reasons.

    I turned to veganism when I had some health issues that stalled my active lifestyle.  I learned about the chemicals and antibiotics in meat and dairy.  I was disgusted but wanted to know more.  I ventured on to learn more about the industries producing animal products.  How they do it versus how I thought they did it.  What I found I could not unlearn. 

    I learned how smart these animals are, smarter than children in some cases.  I learned animals I used to consume have the intelligence to mourn their dead.  I learned that my culture greatly influences which animals are deemed acceptable to consume.  I learned that my culture purposely encourages ignorance of slaughter houses and dairy farms.  I learned about the lies.  I learned about anti-whistleblower laws and ag-gag bills.  I learned the difference between correlation and causation.  I learned about diseases that are preventable and ones that are reversible, diseases that have taken family members from me.  I had a doctor, my family and friends tell me to eat meat and dairy in moderation.  I learned abstaining from eating these foods offended people.  I learned if you disagree with the ‘American norm’ you will be criticized.  I learned animal cruelty extends past meat and dairy.  I learned which companies to avoid and which to support.  I learned my heart could only handle so much information.  I learned I have different reactions to news stories than the company around me.  I learned I had to protect myself.

    I acquired a new perspective on life.  I acquired a new appreciation for my dog companions.  I acquired a new level of morality.  I acquired a deeper sense of compassion.  I started to hold my fellow man to a higher standard.  I started to see the choices others made.  I started to see the selfishness.  I started to get angry.  I realized I am only one person.  I realized that one person can make a difference.  I realized my choices had great effects on the world around me.  I realized I was proud of my choices, of my life. 

    I realized I was forever changed.

  9. Why force something that each time it comes around it is obvious it doesn’t work? #differentdirections #movingon #iamdoingitforme #peoplechange #lifeistooshort

  10. These pictures were taken 6 weeks apart.

    I have only lost 0.8 pounds.

    But I have lost just over 4” in total off my waist, hips, chest, and arms.

    I have changed my body composition by losing fat and gaining muscle. Muscle is denser than fat. And I’m not done yet! Come on little muscles I love seeing you!!!

    Don’t worry about the scale. Use a take measure and pictures.

  11. I’ve never used the fourth hole before….
    Only one more left and its time for a smaller belt! #nonscalevictory
    #nsv #fitness #training #iwanttogoshopping #butineedmoneyfirst #iamdoingitforme

  12. No weight change this week-furthering my disdain for using the scale to measure progress. Why?
    Because I’m down a 1/2 inch off my waist and 1/2 off each thigh. Yay!
    Elbow still out of commission, the pity party was last week, if I can’t get to lifting by Tuesday back to the ortho…
    #veganfitness #training #dedication #progress #pleasedontbereinjured #iamdoingitforme #thinkhappythoughts

  13. Needed this today. Report from @bella.falconi @leahpetersfitness going to hit leg day, still reading the elbow. #iamdoingitforme #motivation #dedication #fitness #inspiration #meanttobe #goals #eyeontheprize


  14. Priorities

    I rushed my favorite part of the day, my morning workout for an evening engagement that was already going mess up my food prep.

    I rushed, wasn’t focused and didn’t properly warm up or something because now my arm hurts. The same feeling when I had that slight tear in the elbow. Being doing RICE and pumping water and anti inflams.

    Fingers crossed.

    I am so pissed at myself. I have specific goals and my favorite time of the day that will not take second place again. It ain’t I don’t care who thinks I’m a selfish bitch. It’s my life, my goals, I am so angry with myself.

  15. The face of someone who rushed leg day try to and fit hiit in. My gym buddies told me to go the hell home and start again after work. Thanks for the perspective dudes. What a crap workout. All well, going to redo my hiit this evening properly, time to blast some 80s music to get in a better mood, already late for work ahhhhh! #eyeontheprize #iamdoingitforme #getITright #tryagaindumbo